Eugene Meeks

At 5 ft. 6 inches, nothing about Meeks is extraordinary,


Pastey skinned, undeveloped, and baby faced. Eugene stands at an unimposing five and a half feet tall, or thereabouts. Other than his wire rimmed glasses, and lack of almost all facial hair (Meeks men usually don’t grow much body hair until their 40’s) there is nothing at all substantial or worth mentioning about the way Eugene Meeks looks or holds himself. One can denote an almost unsettling Chihuahua-like nervousness in Eugene’s demeanor, especially where physical confrontations may arise.


Eugene was born into the corporate world, as was his dad, and his dad before him. Eugene has only ever known the struggle of selling his soul, like a good corporate minion, to the company.

The Company is what saves him from the outside world (a world he neither cares about, nor could survive in), gives him a home, grants him food, water, and the right to have a family, and protects & provides for him. Eugene is acutely aware that without the Company and its Corporate Infrastructures and protected cities, people such as Eugene would cease to exist. As such, Meeks is fiercely loyal to The Company, sometimes even at his or his companion’s expense.

If given a choice, Eugene will rarely fight…anything….at all. The simple truth is his strengths lie in getting out of combat related activities, or using his knowledge or tech skills to circumvent the fight altogether. His weaseling traits have been honed over many years of ducking below the radar, hiding in the shadows, and not looking anything….anything in the eye.

His father is proud of him, and knows one day, that The Company will be as well.

Eugene Meeks

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