Rain City Apocalypse

One Dead SOB

In which the adventurers meet some traders and attempt to recover booty from a dead SOB and his robot bodyguard.

Eastward ho!

In which the adventurers sally forth for a rendezvous at the falls, encounter mutants and survive. (details forthcoming)

A Reunion

Missing PC meet caravan, are guided to Seattle Center. The Barber does an amazing job on Guard Captain Sampson’s comb over. The Greatest Living Songwriter is introduced to Lyle and the band. Eugene is offered money for some time with the robot, and asking for a ridiculous amount, he is chastened for not “sharing”. Hal wants two sides of leather for boots. Job from Gizmo at “the falls” . Meet Marv the Moist (Turkish Ron Jeremy). The party has a gun! Repair VW EuroVan. Crash EuroVan. Ready to venture forth.

Fill in details.

Survival in Seattle
A Post Apocalyptic Adventure in the Pacific Northwest
Seattle Center
And not a Barista in sight

The PCs, having survived the attack by the galley and killing the raiders, set about looting the sailboat after the surviving occupants flee. There’s not much to be found, although Eugene does find a large sealed olive drab case hidden in the bilge. Refusing all help, the small former accountant manages to wrest the heavy case, the size of a steamer trunk and weighing over a hundred pounds, onto the deck. Sadly the case is well secured and none one is able to defeat the heavy lock of the composite skin of the case, leaving the contents a mystery.

Meanwhile, the others build a fire and settle in for the night. As darkness fall, three more galleys appear around the headland, loaded with angry raiders and headed straight for the camp. With no better plan, the party takes to their galley, still manned by the slaves chained to their benches. Duncan attempts to convince the slaves to help them, not clear on the operation of a galley, until <nick> grabs the helm and starts barking orders, mixed with the traditional epithets and threats, and the slaves take to their oars. With the galley more lightly laden, the player’s galley soon starts to pull ahead in what becomes and straight on race. The begin to pull away as darkness is falling and all begins to look well until the lead raider galley fires what appears to be small cannon. Several ball pass near to the galley the lights fades until at last a luck shot strikes the player’s galley, raking it, punching a large hole in the hull and killing one of the oarsmen. Ad darkness fades, our heroes are forced to abandon ship, Omar shifting to his kayak, Eugene and Duncan clinging to the case, which floats, and the others grabbing for anything that floats.

The raider sweep the area in the falling dark, firing the occasional round of grape shot, but finally give up as it becomes too dark to see and rowing off. By the time the sun rises the next morning, only Omar, Duncan and Eugene find each other still floating in the water. Of the others there is no trace. They have drifted well into one of the channels and after some discussion, begin to make their way east to the largest of the nearby land masses.
After hours of paddling, the three intrepid survivors finally reach the shore, utterly exhausted, and crawl onto land. The cold and fog make the survivors miserable, but Duncan manages to start a fire and the three rest, feast on some of the captured food from the galley and wait. As night falls they can make up a few campfires, and hear the occasion scream as the local raiders entertain themselves with some unfortunate local. But as the fog fades in the cool night, in the distance they see the image of the space needle, standing out from the ruined of the city and illuminated with weak, but clearly artificial light. The first sign of civilization since the emerged from the cryopods three days earlier. Too tired to do more than look, they fall asleep around the fire.

Refreshed after a night of rest, our bold heroes venture forth in the direction of the Space Needle, convinced I must be the source of the mysterious radio signals. As they near what had once been Seattle Center, they find it surrounded by a great wall, and body of raiders near the gate firing arrows and insult at the guard visible in a tower. After an hour or so of futile gestures, and the occasional shot from the guard, the raider finally lost interest and wander off.

Not long after the entrance is cleared, the great gate is opened for business, with placards proclaiming “Traders welcome” in a script that would make any kindergartener proud. The group elects to enter, negotiating the controlled entrance passage cleverly designed to be easily converted in a murder tap for any guest who misbehaves. Within is an open market isolated from the rest of the settlement, but offering trade with anyone with goods. The party is not alone, soon followed by a caravan of traders hauling large bundles on strange hooved beasts of burden. Eugene is loath to leave his large case with the guard, but because it cannot be inspected, he is finally convinced to do so after being persuaded that perhaps the market holds someone with the skill and tool to open the mysterious box.
The market turns out to be a variety of stalls where local traders buys and sell. Hoping to find someone capable of opening the mysterious case, Omar and Eugene approach a junk peddler selling under the name “Mr. Fixit” where Eugene negotiates a deal with the merchants weak chinned and rather simple daughter to open the case in exchange for a magical bar of pre-collapse soap (Irish Sprint), and a few seconds of work with a rabbit tool and Mr Fixit pops the lock on the case revealing to Omar and Eugene what appears to be the dismembered and perfectly preserved body of a young women. Meanwhile, Duncan goes in search of cutlery and finds the stall of the local blacksmith, “Cutter”, where he negotiates the purchase of a straight razor. Cutter, finding that Duncan is a skilled barber, immediately proposes a partnership, and soon Duncan is shaving the locals and cutting their hair until hands ache from the work.

Meanwhile, further investigation of the body in the case reveals it is in fact a New in Box companion android, unassembled and without a power sources which was shipped separately some time before the bombs fell. As Duncan had helped carry the case, he expects a portion of the contents and there is some discussion about whether he should have the legs. Eugene demands that at the very least, the torso is his and goes in search of someone who might have the requisite power cell, while Omar tours the other stalls searching for useful equipment and information. He manages to obtain a small camping stove from, B-b-b-bob, the stuttering survival gear salesman and learns about the boot maker, Hal, and the Old Man, who is reputed to have been alive when the bombs fell, and is certainly the oldest man anyone has ever heard of.

Omar get directions to “Miss Lucy”, someone who can get him an audience with the Old Man, as well as assurances that if he has “the radiation” (which everyone seems to assume do to his shaved head) the doc can fix him right up. The directions amount to “go down the street and take a left at the mutant” and sure enough, he meets the local mutant, a 7 foot giant who looks as much gorilla as man, but who has the intellect of a child – the result of an axe blow to the head which failed to kill the creature. For some reason the mutant has been given the name “Trotsky”.

Omar find the residence of Miss Lucy, which is indicated by the suggestive purple neon sign on the outside which advertises her “billiard parlor” which surprising has an actually billiard table, as well as the requisite people of negotiable virtue, but having no trade goods, return to find Eugene, how still possesses two bars of pre-ruin soap in addition to the sexbot torso. There Lucy also assumes Omar that is he has “the radiation” Doc can fix him right up with a dose of “No Glow”.

In Omar’s absence, Eugene attempts to negotiate with the city guard’s captain, a dour and unpleasant fellow in a military-esque uniform and clipped moustache with a general disdain for all “wasteland trash” which appears to include the party. Eugene attempts to appeal to the captain’s better nature, which fails as the captain appears to lack one, and the former accountant reunites with Omar where the two journey once more to the house of Lucy, pausing to entertain the mutant with some first grade level magic and unsuccessful juggling which the creature never the less enjoys.

Arriving at Miss Lucy’s, the forget all about getting an introduction to the old man as Eugene becomes fixated on the madams lucky dagger, which he attempts to buy, despite being told it is not for sale. He them attempts to explain investment banking to the owner of the local house of joy who operates in a society still based on barter. His offers to invest her money (whatever that is) at a favorable rate of return fall on deaf ears, and he refuses the offer of employment.

Meanwhile, world of Duncan’s prowess with scissors and razor have spread, and Cutter informs him the Old Man would like to see him. At the close of business, he is introduced to a cloaked figure with strange goggles who offers to trade Duncan for his new in box but uncharged pre-ruin iPhone and Duncan is finally able to obtain his desired straight razor.
The cloaked figure turns out to be the local techie, the apply names “Gizmo”, who is revealed to be a pale skinned red haired you women with a quick mind and zero social skills. She escorts Duncan to the Space needle where the board the mule powered elevator for the awkwardly silent ten minute ride up. During the ride Duncan learns the tower contains the radio station, Gizmo’s workshop and the studio where the local jug band performs covers of famous song from before the apocalypse (such as “Tainted love”, with cow bell substituting for synthesizer)

He is left alone at the entrance to the Old Man’s quarters, a weird cross between kitschy grandparent’s living room and Zen master’s study. There he meets the Old Man, which is indeed truly ancient and hasn’t had a decent shave since their barber died or disappeared some time passed. From the old man he is able to learn that some 80-100 years have passed since the bombs fell, the passage of time not being carefully documented by the ancient man nor anyone since. Time seems to be reckoned by the season, and major events like the “big storm”. At the end of the barbering, the old man offers to look into Duncan’s future, consulting a large earthenware pot containing baked cookies with fortunes contained therein.

As the evening draws nigh, the companions are once again reunited.


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